Where big game still roam free

Stuart Nechakos’s rugged wilderness has been a hunting paradise for thousands of years. Today, the land still beckons to hunting enthusiasts around the world.

The fur traders of the late 1800s knew the magnificence of the species found here. It’s big game country, revered hunting grounds for moose, deer, elk, caribou, wolves, black bear, grizzly bear, Stone sheep and mountain goat. British Columbia’s hunting laws require that a licensed guide outfitter accompany all out-of-province hunters, and there are strict regulations regarding species and limits, hunting seasons and firearms requirements.

Moose hunters rave about the region surrounding Vanderhoof. To the north there is the beautiful village of Fort St. James and massive Stuart Lake and to the south, there are the Finger Lakes and Nations Lakes area, all rich with wildlife[ECS1]. Full-grown buck, or male moose can weight up to 800 kilograms, nearly 1,800 pounds and their racks can easily reach a spread of nearly 1-½ metres.

Bear hunting vacations are first-class, with local guides, outfitters and lodges accommodating visitors for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Northern British Columbia offers a regulated black bear and grizzly bear season, and opportunities for a successful hunt are outstanding across the region.

Hunting Precautions

  • A licensed guide or outfitter representative must accompany all out-of-province hunters.
  • The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia is a professional organization of licensed guides located throughout the province. Visit them online at
  • The provincial government regulates sport hunting, and there are strict guidelines regarding hunting and fishing. Check the government’s web site,, for more information on Fish and Wildlife regulations in British Columbia

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