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The following is a list of some of the most commonly used bylaws and policies that apply within the boundaries of the District of Vanderhoof. The policies provide direction on administrative procedures and help guide future decisions of Council. The are provided as PDF files, assistance with using and viewing pdf files is available on our help page.


The bylaws on this web site are in most cases office consolidations. They are provided for convenience only and should not be used in place of the actual bylaws of which can be obtained from the Corporate Officer’s Office.

To have a bylaw mailed or faxed to you contact the District of Vanderhoof.
Contact Information:
P.O. Box 900, 160 Connaught Street
Vanderhoof, British Columbia
V0J 3A0
250-567-4711 Phone
250-567-9169 Fax

We make every effort to ensure that the bylaws on this web site are accurate and contain the latest amendments; however, The Corporation of the District of Vanderhoof can not guarantee the accuracy of information provided.


Animal Control Bylaw 812
Building Bylaw 965
Building Schedules A-G Bylaw 965s
Burning Control Regulations Bylaw 988, 2005
Business Licensing Bylaw 912
Cemetery Bylaw 974, 2004
Council Remuneration & Expense Bylaw 866
Council Remuneration & Expense Amendment Bylaw 957
Development Procedures Bylaw 996, 2006
Economic Development Committee Bylaw1045, 2008
Financial Plan Bylaw 978, 2006
Floodplain Bylaw 997, 2005
Garbage Rates Bylaw 949, 2004
Noise Control Bylaw 811
Noise Control Amendment Bylaw 849
Official Community Plan Bylaw 993, 2006
Outdoor Solid Fuel Combustion Appliance Control Bylaw 1027
Procedures Bylaw Bylaw 962
Procedures Amendment Bylaw 999, 2006
Sanitary Sewer Frontage Tax Rate Setting Bylaw 1030, 2008
Sewer Rates Regulation Amendment Bylaw 980, 2005
Sign Bylaw 995, 2006
Subdivision & Development Servicing Bylaw 659
Subdivision & Development Servicing Bylaw 659 - Schedule A
Subdivision & Development Servicing Bylaw 659 - Schedule B
Subdivision & Development Servicing Bylaw 659 - Schedule C
Subdivision & Development Servicing Bylaw 659 - Schedule D
Tax Exemption Bylaw 1044, 2008
Water Rates Bylaw 969, 2004
Water Connection Rates Bylaw 1032, 2008
Zoning Bylaw Bylaw 994, 2004


Building Inspection Procedures Policy
Building Value Policy 2004
Bylaw Enforcement Policy
Grant-In-Aid Policy
Community Legacy Program (Memorial) Policy
Proclamation Policy
Purchasing Policy
Snow & Ice Control Policy
Tendering Policy

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