Residential Boom in BC Creates Need For New Amenities & Services

British Columbia is one of the fastest changing provinces in the Canada. Downtown South Vancouver is one of the fastest changing neighbourhoods in the area.This six block area located right between Howe Street and Seymour Street has gone through one of the most dramatic transformations you will ever see. And with eight new buildings in the works you can expect even more people to move into the area.

Mike Orchison and Lilian Yan recently moved into the area with their 12 year old son. The one thing that attracted them to the area were the lower prices. However, once they got there they realized there wasn’t much to do. There’s no shopping, no dinning and no other service options. They live downtown but it doesn’t feel like downtown.

Charles Gauthier, the president and CEO of the Downtown Business Improvement Association agrees. That’s why him and his team brought up the exact same issue to city officials in recent weeks. He thinks the best solution to this problem is to create a traditional shopping space in the south end of Granville.

He also wants to include larger commercial spaces for day to day services such as hairdressers, dry cleaners, grocery stores and the likes. The instant consumer base that is now in the area has wise business operators looking for new space in the area.

Most of the residents moving into the area are between the ages of 20 and 39. That means it is a relatively young demographic and there is a need for a variety of different products and services.

In many of the residential locations there wasn’t enough space built to accommodate the demand. The idea is to have everything in a close proximity so residents don’t have to get in their car and drive or take a taxi to get whatever it is they need.

No one wants to do that. That’s the whole point in moving into a downtown area. The demand for new business in the area is clear as day. Now its all about what businesses are smart enough to get their foot in the door first. Those who set up shop early and establish a strong customer base will have the advantage.

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