Today’s global economy has created new technologies that makes instantaneous communication possible, bridging geographical distance and making it possible to operate a globally efficient business in areas of the north. For many local, regional and nationally based companies, world markets are virtually at their doorsteps.

The area’s weekly newspaper, The Omineca Express, reports regional and municipal news for Vanderhoof, BC and has a paid circulation of 2,300. The Caledonia Courier reports for the Fort St. James, BC area with a paid circulation of 1,200. Every Friday, the Stuart-Nechako Advertiser is circulated to 6,000 post boxes in the Vanderhoof and Fort St. James post offices.

The Prince George Citizen, the region’s daily newspaper reports national, regional and municipal Prince George as well as Vanderhoof stories of interest. The Citizen has an average total, Audit Bureau of Circulation verified, paid circulation of 16,000 every day except Friday, which has a paid circulation of 17,500 papers. Two thousand are circulated outside of the City of Prince George.

Radio Stations
“THE WOLF” is CIVH-AM and broadcasts at 1340 khz on the AM Band 24 hours per day. A local show runs Monday to Friday from 6-10 am (and other times on special occasions). From 10 am to 6 pm a repeater of CJCI in Prince George runs with the ability to broadcast local community announcements from 6am to 6pm, seven days per week. CIVH RADIO is rebroadcast in Fort St. James at 1480 khz and in Fraser Lake at 1450 khz. “THE X” is CIRX-FM1, broadcasts at 95.9 on the FM Band 24 hours per day, and is a repeater of CIRX in Prince George with the ability to broadcast local community announcements from 6am to 6pm, seven days per week. Other accessible radio stations include CBC on the FM and AM.

The only cable TV provider (2 through 55 stations depending on the package you choose) for the area is Omineca Cable Television. Their digital TV service provides you with 200+ stations, and also high speed internet services through a cable line.

Telecommunications – Land and Satellite
TELUS was formed when Alberta-based TELUS Corporation and BC-based BC TEL joined in a 1999 merger. It is the second largest communications company in Canada providing local, long distance and wireless services to British Columbians. TELUS also provides voice, data and video transmissions, telephone terminal equipment, business systems and BC’s most exclusive private and public mobile radio network.

Navigata, Intellicom Canada, Do Tel, Central Interior Communications and others provide a range of voice and data network services including: hyperstream/frame relay, Datapac, ISDN services, Wide Area Telephone Service, video conferencing, 800 service, remote call forwarding and custom calling services, internet connections and many others.

Telus Mobility and Rogers offer cellular and communications services, as well as paging and data services in Vanderhoof with local coverage in the community centers along Highway 16. Cellular coverage becomes sporadic or not available more than 5 km off of the highway. Satellite phone services are most commonly utilized for companies working in remote locations, provided by Global Star serviced by the location communications service provider, Faitron Communications and others. As with other Canadian telecommunication companies, all phone rates fall under Federal regulation by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

Internet Providers
There are two locally based internet providers, Highway 16 Internet and Sinkut Wireless. Services vary depending on your locations from, offers state-of-the-art connections and services to the internet, including Dial-up and ADSL options. Competitive rates and a variety of plans for connections as well as email accounts can be arranged through Highway 16 Internet. This company provides local links, home pages, as well as community and general information about Vanderhoof.

Telus offers dial-up and high-speed internet services via their own provincial service The office characteristics include: digital switch technology, fiber service, remote monitoring, ISDN and ADSL availability.

Shaw Cable also provides a high speed connection through a cable line. Other carriers include and Sinkut Wireless.

A significant investment in broadband capability is underway through the Government of Canada Broadband Initiative - for more information on this contact 250-847-1389 (Smithers).

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