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Bylaw Information

You may view some of the most commonly used bylaws that apply within the boundaries of the District of Fort St. James here. The policies provide direction on administrative procedures and help guide future decisions of Council. The are provided as PDF files. (Assistance with using and viewing PDF files is available on our help page.)

Disclaimer: The bylaws on this web site are provided for convenience only and should not be used in place of the actual bylaws of which can be obtained from the Municipal Office.

The District of Fort St. James responds to complaints received about bylaw violations in the District of Fort St. James. Bylaw enforcement may include:

  • educating the public about regulations
  • conducting inspections to ensure that the rules are being followed
  • mediating between members of the public
  • leveraging voluntary compliance with the rules where possible
  • seeking consequences for contraventions where compliance is not forthcoming or harm has been done to the community
  • issuing a ticket information with a monetary penalty

Generally, bylaw enforcement is carried out on a complaint basis.

How do I make a bylaw complaint?
Bylaw complaints may be made by telephone, in writing, by email or in person at the District Office. You must identify yourself when making the complaint. The District will keep the identity of the complainant confidential unless the complainant has agreed to be identified. When making a complaint, be prepared to give your name, address and telephone number and to provide as many details as possible about the complaint, including the following:

  • address of property involved
  • date(s) when violation observed
  • detailed description of the violation.

How does the District respond to complaints?
A Bylaw Enforcement Officer will investigate your complaint as soon as possible. You are encouraged to keep your complaint file up to date and to keep the Bylaw Enforcement Officer apprised of the status of your complaint, if the situation improves, worsens or stays the same.

In relation to certain hazardous situations or declared nuisances, a municipal council may order a person to rectify the situation, or take action to eliminate the hazard or damage and require the person to pay the costs incurred to do so. Where compliance with a bylaw is a condition of a licence or permit, Bylaw Enforcement Officers may find it necessary to suspend the licence or permit until the person, or persons, comply.

The District appreciates your patience in bylaw enforcement matters.

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