Hiring a defense attorney when living in a rural northern community

If you are in a situation where you desperately need the services of a criminal defense attorney in British Columbia then you may be wondering what to do next? The worst thing you can do is to choose the first attorney that you come across, as you have no way of knowing if they are right for your own unique case.

Make no mistake about it, there are many excellent criminal defense attorneys in British Columbia but the process of finding one would be drastically different as for example finding a criminal lawyer in Los Angeles, and in order to find them you should pay very close attention to the following tips. Let’s get straight to it…

Ask questions

Never be scared of asking questions when you first contact a criminal defense attorney in British Columbia. Remember, they are here to serve YOU, and if they don’t have time for your questions or are too stubborn to answer them in full then you should definitely look elsewhere.

Scare tactics

BEWARE of hiring a criminal defense attorney in British Columbia that resorts to using scare tactics in order to get you to hire them. At the end of the day, while your case may be serious that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the luxury of comparing a few different attorneys before coming to your final decision.

When an attorney tries to scare you into making a decision with mottos such as ìyou will go to jail if you don’t hire me,î then they have just identified themselves as someone you want to avoid.

Written contract

One of the main mistakes that many people make when hiring a criminal defense attorney is not getting a written contact once they agree on a fee. Ultimately, getting the ìwordî of an attorney just isn’t good enough, and it allows them to simply change their minds at any time so they can increase their fee and charge you what they like.

Don’t become the next victim of a dishonest attorney, always get a written contact so you know exactly where you stand.

Hiring a cheap attorney

You should also beware of hiring a cheap criminal defense attorney in British Columbia. On the surface this might seem like a good way to go, especially when money is a little bit tight and you are on a limited budget, but the vast majority of the time this isn’t a very good route to take.

The reason? Because attorneys who offer their services for cheap are usually lacking in experience, skills, or qualifications…or even in all three! Do you really want someone representing you that isn’t qualified for the job?

Criminal defense is a serious matter which means it’s worth paying a bit extra to get the job done right. It could be the difference between only getting a small fine or going to jail.

Trust your instinct

Sometimes you just get a certain feeling about a criminal defense attorney which tells you that they can’t be trusted. This is your instinct helping you out, and the vast majority of the time you should listen to it and take the appropriate action.

Sure, an attorney might appear to have all of the experience and qualifications to handle your case, but if there is something deep down telling you that things are not right then you should look elsewhere.

The following video outlines some defense lawyer strategies:

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