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With summer sunshine and greening hills the impulse to explore and break away from the mundane redundancy of life settles into our hearts, and we long for this 1 word”holiday”. Sadly a lot of us are really experiencing the financial times, which compels us to look closer to home for our time away from work. Those people who can travel are much more discerning than we were. Where our money is invested is quite a vote concerning the direction that we would like to see our planet go.

Here are a few simple, eco-friendly and frugal choices which anybody can contemplate while engaging in plenty of activities without remorse. When making any programs for you or your family members, think about choosing activities that encourage responsible ecological and environmental development in that region. Places you may want to research are orangutan rescue organizations, maintained park-lands and eco-tours.

Additionally, consider rehabilitation projects which are occurring in your area - or start your own. There really is nothing like the rewarding feeling that comes from taking a couple of bags down to a polluted place, sorting out the garbage appropriately for recyclables, etc and knowing that when you depart that day you’ve made a massive difference for the planet. Consider things like planting jobs, or volunteer jobs which you can become involved in nearer to home.

These should not be looked at as”work” but more as an opportunity to fulfill new, like-minded individuals, to have fun and get involved in your community. At precisely the exact same time you will be left with the understanding that you’re leaving a lasting legacy. You may be aware of throwing non-organic garbage out the window when traveling, however, few folks realize the possible consequences of throwing out that apple core or banana peel Guilty of this ourselves… up until about 8 years back, when hiking we’d leave the apple cores, watermelon skins and banana peels in the region by tossing them in the woods or placing under a stone, not realizing that we might be bringing bear and other animals to the road where others frequent.

According to the Go & Do visitor magazine to the West Kootenay area (2008 issue) foods chucked from travelers’ windows can lure animals to the street where they could be struck by cars, possibly causing damage or accidents to vehicles. Their bodies may then attract larger predators and scavengers and the issue then just gets bigger and bigger - all because of a small apple core. To put this into perspective, down in the southern part of BC - Canada’s westernmost state - the Wild creature Rehabilitation Center, 80 percent of these animals treat have I discovered that information during an interview with a representative from the Wild ARC org Sara Debois on March 27, 2008, on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show.

Another way we could reduce this catastrophe is to reduce speed in areas where wildlife care signs are posted or close to water sources. Create a game with the family and have them keep an eye on the sides of the street to improve safety. In the day the eyes of these animals are probably going to reflect the light in the street and will glow a reddish color. If you see two - or even one glowing dot, then you will want to slow down immediately and be ready for anything.

When you see one, bear in mind that animals will frequently travel in groups of 2 or more, so there might be a few more creatures lurking around somewhere. Dawn and dusk are especially dangerous because of the lack of visibility. Finally, should you happen upon a dead creature along a street make certain to call the local conservation officer or fall into the nearest chamber of commerce and tell them so they can clean it up and prevent a chain of deaths?

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