Community Health Assessment Tools In A Developing Society

Community health nursing synthesis the body of knowledge from the general public health sciences and skilled nursing theories with the aim of enhancing the health of the whole community. Community health nursing practice, therefore, promotes and preserves the health of the populace. The community isn’t an easily or consistently defined thing. The entrance to the community is usually made possible by the chief medical officer through the issuance of letters to community leaders for effortless acceptability and accessibility.

Crucial to the dynamics of a community are its patterns of communication, leadership and decision making and this happens because of interaction between community members and the larger society.  The different components of the community include individuals, environment and health care delivery system and together they determine the physical, social, psychological states of health of the people.

A. Demographics like population distribution, mobility, density, and census information;

B. Biological aspects include health and disease status, province/state of origin, nationality, age, gender, mortality.

C. Acquired facets are twofold, societal which takes into consideration job, activities, marital status, education, faith and culture that include position, roles worth, customs, norms, taboos.

A. Physical aspect including natural resources, landscape, climate, terrain, relief, boundaries, and limitations;

B. Biological and chemical aspects like animal reservoirs, toxic substances, food distribution, the standard of food management, water supply, basic food, vector control, living arrangement, sewage disposal, water supply, and

c. Social aspects involve economics and industry, communication, transport, recreation/recreational facilities, and faith.

a. The organizational aspect involving private and government businesses, systems, linkages and

B. Resources which involve health personnel, health facilities, hospitals and clinics, funds, services.

Through the complete comprehension of these various elements, then can health promotion, disease prevention and rehabilitative measures are implemented. Promoting the health of the people and their welfare can be accomplished through health education to both individuals and households. During these education sessions, various aspects of diseases, their prevention can be given in addition to ways of rehab when calamity strikes.

Community health issues will then be arrived at through two ways:

A community identification will then be achieved, which may vary from one to several. Recommendations can then be made to the proper people concerned. To conclude, the community health nurse, in doing this evaluation, must strive to function as a team with the community involved and he/she needs to have the ability to reach if not all, some of the eight elements of primary health care, such as immunization against infectious diseases, an adequate supply of safe water, education concerning prevailing health problems and

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